Cyber Slap Bracelets

LMG Security Cyber Slap Bracelets (Set of 5)

LMG Security Cyber Slap Bracelets (Set of 5)

Check out LMG’s sweet new Cyber Slap Bracelets! Our team created these as “cheat sheets” for our students in the Network Forensics class at Black Hat and DEFCON.

There are five (5) Cyber Slap Bracelets:

* TCP and IP protocol charts (red and yellow): Yep, that’s right. Now you can WEAR TCP/IP around as bling. w00t!
* Emacs/Vi Reference (green): The most important Vi/Emacs commands that you might need in a pinch.
* Cybersecurity Cheat Sheet (pink): Fundamental commands for penetration testing, traffic sniffing, forensic imaging, and more.
* Command Line “Rosetta Stone”(orange): Translate between Bash, Windows command line and Powershell commands with a quick glance at your wrist.

Handy! (Or wristy? *groan*) All of the charts and command references were put together by LMG’s bleeding-edge 1337 and forensics teams.

$ 10.00